Delhi’s Railway Station is the new changing spot for ex -Bigg Boss contestant Swami Om

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Bigg Boss Season 10’s, most notorious contestant Swami Om was seen changing his cloths publicly at New Delhi’s Railway Station.

This is nothing new for self proclaimed god man, somehow with his indecent acts and demeaning comments he always managed to grab the public attention.

From his ridiculous statements over celebrities to insane activity, this dhongi baba has done everything to be in limelight.

Swami Om was kicked out of Bigg boss house after doing disgusting act of throwing pee on his fellow contestants Rohan Mehra and Bani J. After coming out big boss house, he didn’t stopped showcasing his insanity.

He was detained by police in Lonavala during finale, on the grounds that he might disrupt as he threatened makers of the show that he won’t let the finale happened.

Here we bring a video of infamous Swami Om, who was spotted changing cloths in front huge crowd at New Delhi Railway Station.


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