Fatwa issued against Indian Idol singer Nahid Afrin

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A 16-year-old girl, Nahid Afrin who participated in a reality singing show Indian Idol was shocked after receiving a fatwa by 46 Muslim clerics in Assam, where she was asked to stop performing in public.

Nahid Afrin, who is a student of class 10th and hails from Biswanath Chariali, Assam, was shocked and broke down when informed about the fatwa was issued against her.

It was reported that the fatwa was released against the singer to ban her upcoming singing concert, which is going to be held on March 25.

According to Islamic organisations of Assam Music, Dance, Drama, and theater are against the Sharia laws.

The singer’s mother said in a statement, “The organizers of the musical night told us that the program on March 25 will not be canceled”.

The fatwa reads, “If anti-Sharia acts like musical nights are held on grounds surrounded by masjids, idgahs, madrassas and graveyards, our future generations will attract the wrath of Allah,”

While interacting with the media Nahid Afrin said, “Was shocked and broken from inside at first, but many Muslim singers gave me inspiration to not quit music, will never do so”.

When asked the fatwa issued her she replied, “My singing is the gift of God. I believe it must be properly utilized, not doing so is ignoring God”.

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