Guess what!!! Your favorite comedian is getting married to her lady love!!!

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All the fans and admirer of Kapil Sharma kindly pay attention here. In a latest buzz which is gaining the focus of attention on the social media platforms says that the well-known comedian Kapil Sharma is all set to break his bachelorhood soon.

The famed comedian who is loved by all has moved to the social networking site Twitter to announce the good news that he is all set to get married and introduced his lady luck to his fans.

Kapil Sharma posted a photo on the twitter with his girlfriend Bhavneet Chatrarth aka Ginni adding a message for his fans, “Will not say she is my better half .. she completes me .. love u ginni .. please welcome her .. I love her so much.

Meanwhile, in an interview with a daily, he said, “Yes, I am getting married to Ginni and she is the love of my life”.

Kapil Sharma made the latest revelation to his fans that, he met his love of her life long back 10 years ago, in his college days in Jalandhar and more over his mother also likes his choice.

Adding further to this he said he will be stepping into a new phase of his life next year, where comedy Sartaaz Kapil Sharma and her lady love will take their relationship to a next level and tie the knot of togetherness.


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