Happy Birthday, Sunny Deol!

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The Bollywood actor who is known for his “Dhai Kilo Ka Haath” from his movie ‘Damini’ is today celebrating his 61st Birthday.

The actor who is generally for his loud and action is totally opposite in real life. In reality, Sunny Deol is an introvert and calm person.

On his special day, we have come up with unknown facts of the actor that you might be unaware of…

Do you know Sunny Deol’s real name is Ajay Singh Deol? Yes, you read it right, he kept his nickname as Sunny.

Besides keeping a desi image in the industry, Sunny Deol has studied acting from England from Birmingham in the Old World Theater.

Until now, his affair with actress Dimple Kapadia still remains as big gossip in the industry.

His famous dialogues from his movies include: “Tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh milti rahi hai … lekin insaaf nahi mila my lord, insaaf nahi mila … mili hai toh sirf yeh tarikh”.

“Jab yeh dhai kilo ka haath kisi pe padta hai na … toh aadmi uthta nahi … utth jata hai”.

The actor has won two National Film Awards and two Filmfare Awards.

Are you aware of the fact that Sunny Deol holds a net worth of $50 million dollars.


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