No More Ban on Padmaavat Release: Supreme Court Rejects States Plea

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After the many controversies over the release of Padmaavat, Supreme court finally rejects the plea of the States related to banning the film in their states and now the film is all set to release a day before Republic day.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejects the Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh government final application over the ban on the release of Padmaavat and ordered the government to follow the same.

The court had ordered the people and the government to abide the rules as the film had already received the certificate from the censor board also, cleared all ban from the court.

Last month the court already changed the name of the film from Padmaavati to Padmaavat because of protest by some states over the name and cleared the ban from the release of the after which some Rajput groups again started protesting against the release of the film due to some other scenes in the film after which court again banned the film. But, after filing the petition from the film producers SC reconsiders every aspect of the film and decided to modify its order and clears the ban from the film over its release.

The decision over Padmaavat on Tuesday was taken by the three judges, including the Chief Justice Deepak Mishra.

The SC also takes Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh government strictly as they approached the apex court to maintain the ban on Padmaavat after SC cleared the ban over the release of the film and asked the government to abide the court order.

According to Lokendra Singh Kalvi, the founder of Karni Sena, he had received an invitation from the production house of the film to attend the screening of the Padmaavat.

According to Haryana State government, it will abide the court order and is going to provide the proper security if any of the theatres decides to screen the film.

Now, the film Padmaavat has no ban over its release and all set to release all over the states on 25th Jan. 2018.

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