Priyanka Chopra loses movie role for skin color

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Priyanka Chopra who has moved to Hollywood from Bollywood, in the latest interview to InStyle magazine revealed that she lost a movie role for ‘skin color’.

In the interview, she spoke out against the ills of being a part of India’s premier film industry. The 35-year-old former miss world also spoke about the gender pay gap in Bollywood and Hollywood.

In Hollywood, female are not paid as much as the men who are seen as the central character in lead roles while in Bollywood the studios are extremely blunt about not paying women actors as much as the male actors.

The actor also said that the Bollywood studios would directly say that the female actor in lead is not really worth watching the movie and followed as a tradition.

Chopra also revealed her meet with a Bollywood producer-director who offered her go beyond budget for a female actor. In fact, she was offered 5 percent more than male actors.

Sticking to the subject of not given a role in a movie, Priyanka said it was the color of her skin. Even though Priyanka is the first South Asian actor to headline an American primetime show ‘Quantico’, the actor has faced instances of racial bias which has resulted in her losing opportunities solely because of her brown skin.

In Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra finds herself as a minority. In an industry dominated by white actors, director, and writers who come up with stories majorly featuring white characters, Chopra has to battle a dearth of scripts and the racial bias that comes with all of it.

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