Sridevi did not die of cardiac arrest suggests a new report

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The death of Indian actress Sridevi has taken a new twist. A new report suggests that she died of accidental drowning and not because of cardiac arrest.

The local Police have suggested the forensic report. They said that she did not die of cardiac arrest but instead due to drowning in the bathtub. The new report of forensics further suggests that traces of alcohol were found in her body. It was at an increased level.

Expected to get ready for a dinner date with her husband. The legendary ‘heroin’ was found dead in the bathroom. Boney tried to revive her but the police and other medical staff declared her dead.

It is assumed that she lost her balance and died by falling in the bathtub.

The local police have transferred the case to Dubai Public Prosecution to carry out necessary legal procedures. An official told the media that the investigation is still going on to determine the circumstances surrounding the accident as the forensic report only says that she drowned.

A chief prosecutor said, “In such accidental death incidents, the results of the post-mortem and forensic examination reports are referred to the Public Prosecution as part of ordinary law enforcement procedures. The papers are revised by the prosecutors of the jurisdiction where the incident happened. An official order to hand over the body of the deceased to the family or relatives is issued shortly after that.”

The 54-year-old actress died at a hotel in Dubai on Saturday. She was there to attend the marriage ceremony of her nephew.

The superstar actress from India has worked in more than 300 films.

Her body remains to be brought to Mumbai for the last rites. For now, it seems that will take time.

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