The Last Minute Smile : A gesture of love for the brave hearts of our nation

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The Last Minute Smile Short Movie

As the spirit of Independence Day is spreading all across the nation, Whiteforce Motion Pictures presents to you a special short film, The Last Minute Smile, which is an ode to the brave hearts of the country. Produced by Ankur Sharma and filmed on the theme of patriotism, this 5-minute movie will strike your emotional chord. The movie portrays how our soldiers make umpteen sacrifices for the nation. They leave behind their families and face every hardship with a smiling face to let the country sleep in peace.

The film, starring Akash Kohli, Puneet Sharma and Alexander Kadian, under the direction of Anil Kadian, beautifully showcases the eternal love that a soldier has for his motherland and the indomitable courage that he imbibes in himself. Every soldier is a devoted soul who lives in adverse conditions throughout his life just to ensure that the nation can stay safe. The sacrifice is not only limited on the part of the soldier, but also his family, who yearns for his presence and safety every time he leaves.

The movie begins where the soldier is all decked up to leave his home to serve the country. As the family bids farewell to the soldier, nostalgia engulfs the entire family, which sparks innumerable emotions in the viewer. In every instance of the movie, you can clearly sense their emotions and the plight a soldier goes through. It is remarkable that how the movie connects with you without the use of any heavy dialogues. The moments in the film are expressed so well that you can instantly feel the pain and agony that a warrior and his family go through. The emotions depicted by the kid are also truly praiseworthy.

Thus, this movie perfectly pays a tribute to all the soldiers who live their lives with valour and bravery and never refrain from making sacrificing for their Motherland. A grand salute to all the courageous souls of our nation!

This Independence Day, celebrate the spirit of patriotism with this heart-warming video :

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