The Last Minute Smile Official Trailer is out

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The Last Minute Smile 2017

Whiteforce Motion Pictures is coming with the latest short film “The Last Minute Smile”. The movie is a tribute to all Indian soldiers who are serving our nation.

This is a story of a dying soldier, and while taking last breath of his life, a sequence of memory start flowing in front of his eyes memorizing his whole family, sacrifices he made for them and what he missed while choosing to serve his nation. Instead of any regret, his eyes filled with the smile thinking about them.

While viewing this film, the audience can easily co-relate the sacrifice made by our soldiers. Soldiers who are serving the snow-clad and windswept mountains of the Himalayas in the north to the steaming hot and humid jungles of the seven sisters in the north-east and the shimmering sands of the burning Thar Desert in the west, he never lowers his guard. This film is a truly dedicated to our disciplined, brave and high moral soldiers.

The Last Minute Smile is written and directed by “Anil Kadian” and featuring “Akash Kohli, Puneet Sharma And Alexander Kadian” and produced by “Ankur Sharma”.

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