The romantic yet mysterious trailer of “Half Girfriend” will blow your mind away

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Finally, the much anticipated trailer, which is creating hype within the fans is already here. Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor for the first time, has teamed up together to entertain the audience with their sizzling chemistry together in real life.

The forthcoming romantic movie is based on best-selling novel, which is being written by popular author Chetan Bhagat. Before its release it gains the attention of the audience and creating a buzz on the social media platform.

The long awaited movie since its announcement is coming knocking your door with its tagline “Dost Se Zyada, Girlfriend Se Kam”.

While peeping inside the story line of the movie, it shows a complicated love story where  Arjun Kapoor aka Madhav  is a boy who hails from a small town while on the other hand, Shraddha Kapoor  aka Ria is a narrow minded girl from a metropolitan city like Delhi.

It would be very interesting to track another love story hitting the box office.

So all the peeps!! Prepare yourself to experience the tale, giving the message with its magic of unconditional love which will hit the box-office on May 19 this year.

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