Top 10 funny statements of Swami Om after he was thrown out from Bigg Boss 10

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No one needs an introduction for self proclaimed godman “Swami Om”. He is just hilarious in his own way from his crocodile tears to Raavan avatar no one can ever forget him.

Not only inside the big boss house but after coming out of the house he didn’t stop giving demeaning statements.

Few days back Swami Om was thrown out of the big boss house after doing some unacceptable things inside the house.

Here we have complied Swami’s top 10 funny statements against Salman Khan and Bigg Boss after coming outside the big house.

  • Swami Om claims he slapped Salman Khan.
  • Salman Khan is an anti-national, he is against Hindutva and he is involved with underworld dons like Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim to succeed in his mission.
  • Salman Khan has fooled him by sending chicken in the name of baingan (Brinjal).
  • His food was adulterated by mixing drugs and he was under influence of drugs.
  • He also added that ‘Bigg Boss’ calls the girls at night, and makes them do dirty deeds.
  • Makers of the show threaten to kill him and he was forced to misbehave in the house.
  • Baba said he was “kidnapped” by the makers of the show and he was brought in the show at the gunpoint by the Bigg Boss 10 team .
  • In an exclusive interview Swami Om said wants to become ‘greatest villain’ of Hollywood.
  • He threatens the makers of the show that he will wait for two weeks, if he is not called back, he won’t let the grand finale to happen.
  • Swami Om said he will beat Salman Khan if he doesn’t call him back on show.
  • Swami said Salman khan and makers of the show is pleading him to come back in the show through wild card entry. Following this he added “I have told them I will come only on one condition. Salman Khan should rub his nose on my feet at the press conference that I’m holding on January 10 at the Press Club of India here and apologies to me.”
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