Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan is a perfect example of best friends forever, as both died On the Same Date

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The sudden death of veteran actor Vinod Khanna has stunned the Bollywood industry, following this social media is flooded with messages and tributes.

Meanwhile, actor Rishi Kapoor who is always active on social media and known for his witty remarks has revealed “strange coincidence” that Vinod Khanna’s best friend Feroz Khan also died on the same day i.e. April 27, 2009, at the age of 69.

Kapoor tweeted “Strange coincidence. Friends Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan die the same day 27th April. Khan Sahab passed away 27th April 2009 Bangalore.”

Not only this, Friends Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan died after battling cancer. As Feroz Khan was suffering from lung cancer, while Vinod Khanna died of bladder cancer.

Both of them also worked together as the co-star in several hits films, the first time they were seen together in the 1976 film Shankar Shambhu.

However, their biggest hit movie was Qurbani in 1980, also starred by  Zeenat Aman, Aruna Irani, Amjad Khan and Kader Khan, which was directed by Feroz Khan.

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