Champions of World Cup Kabaddi 2016 : India’s Victorious Performance

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World Cup Kabaddi

India by defeating Iran, 38-29 maintaining their supremacy in sports ,  won the title of “champions of world today”. India have won all Kabaddi world cup held so far and they have consecutively beaten  Iran in finals , thus nailed it with 3/3 successive wins. As previous two matches held in 2014 and 2007 in Mumbai.

India snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. In the first half Iran fought gallantly and knocked down everybody with a feather by taking the lead by 18-13. But later in second half situation was drastically overturned; India came back 13-18 to 38-29.

Kabaddi is not as popular such as cricket, football, and hockey but with winning this world cup made this sport no longer unfamiliar. Indian Kabaddi team came into fame at international level.

Ajay Thakur, he changed the momentum of the match by claiming 12 points in the finals. With this he was the mascot for Team India. Nitin Tomar also performed vigorously by supporting Ajay Thakur and claiming 6 points.

Iran lead in the beginning, with a strong start, but Indian showed aggression, enthusiasm to pull off the win. Surjit took India’s first point with his team’s second raid. But with 3-2 , Iranian soon fought back. India’s Second most successful raider Pradeep Narwal , was not well , but his substitute Nitin Tomar , rose an attention by winning super raid points, by sending out Sheykh and Fazal Atrachali at a critical juncture.

Major  credit goes to captain Ajay Thakur his good captaincy, enthusiasm among players, team showed magnificent raiding, acts and defending techniques to edge out their opponenents. As last few minutes that was the do or die situation for the team all lead to win the title of Champions of Kabaddi.

All the 14 Players have performed drastically well in the biggest Kabaddi extravaganza of the year as a team.


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