China denies Visa to Indian athlete for Asian Masters Athletics

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China denied a travel visa to 101-year-old athlete Man Kaur from India on Tuesday and refused to grant permission to participate in the Asian Masters Athletics Championships.

Indian athlete who is also known as “miracle from Chandigarh” after she won a 100-metres gold medal at the World Masters Games in Auckland in April.

Man Kaur told the media, “I felt very bad when my visa was rejected”.

It was reported that the Indian runner Man Kaur started running eight years ago, at the age of 93. She prepared herself for 100m, 200m in the China Masters in Rugao.

While talking to the media Man Kaur said, “I was planning to participate in the tournament and have applied for the visa. But the embassy rejected my application citing the reason that I don’t have an official invite. I explained that my name is enrolled there, you can check it, but still, they denied me the visa”.

Man Kaur told the reporters she was confident about her victory in the Asian Masters Athletics Championships.

Adding further to this she said, “But it’s not the end of the road. I will continue training and look forward to competing in future events”.

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