Guardiola to stop using Yellow ribbon

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pep guordiola

In a recent statement the Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola has told that he would abandon his yellow ribbon if told do by his employers.

FA has charged the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager over a display of the political symbol on the touchline during games despite two earlier warnings.

The yellow ribbon relates to four Catalans that are held in jail over independence from Spain.

He is currently backed by Manchester City for their place. Man City are now 13 points clear on top of the table in the English Premier League.

However, when questioned by the media, he said,” I think it’s not going to happen but if they (the club) say that, I am going to accept that. They are the bosses. The club is more important than my opinion. But my personal opinion is not a political opinion.”

He stressed that his acts are humanitarian and not political even though his protest aims to highlight fates of a jail group that includes politicians.

Pep also added,” When men and women put on a pink ribbon it’s because of the support for the breast cancer initiative. The same when I wear the prostate cancer badge, it’s the same, the idea is the same, there are a lot of ribbons. I’m pretty sure there are people all around the world in Spain and Catalunya who do not want to be independent, but they are not agreeing with putting people in ‘prevention’ jail.”

Guardiola also came out in support of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who was widely criticized for their 3-0 loss to his side in the League Cup Final on Sunday.

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