Mourinho wishes emotional farewell to Ibrahimovic

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho wished an emotional farewell to Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Friday. He said that the European football has lost a huge player.

Ibrahimovic left Manchester United to play for LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer (MLS) this season.

During his two-year stay with the Reds, he scored 29 goals in 53 games. He won Europa League and League Cup as well.

Jose also managed the Swede at Inter Milan. He believes the transfer is a smart move for Ibrahimovic.

“For me, it’s always sad when the big players move towards the end,” said Mourinho.

“I remember Luis Figo last match with me at Inter, it was one of my saddest moments. I always feel sad when the big ones finish or go to the last period of their career.

The Zlatan goodbye was more in that direction, he’s a huge, big player that top European Football is losing now and will lose forever because he will not be back to this level of football.

But I think fantastic for him in this period, I Think it’s a fantastic way for him to go from being a former player. I think this period with LA Galaxy will be very good for him.

It will be very good for American football because of what he can do, what he can teach, what he attracts. His personality, his passion for football and the level of professionalism he always has.

Even his recovery from his injury was an example of what a professional should be. I think it’s the MLS and US, as a football country that is going to get more than what Zlatan is going to get from it.

“For him, it will just be a way to enjoy the last couple of years of football,” Jose added.

Manchester United will next play a home game against Swansea on Saturday.

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