See Indian team has expressed their love for the rival Pakistan captain as a farewell gift !!

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As a sweet gesture, Indian cricket Captain Virat Kohli and his Team has won the heart of their fans after doing something really appreciable as a rival team as well as which implies a good human being out of the cricket field.

The Indian cricket team has sent a lovable, special retirement gift to the Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi after he had announced his retirement.

The two rival team Pakistan and India, which are not only sharing a rivalry on the cricket field but also in country controversial issue but a step is taken up by Virat led the team to share a special message to all the Indians and Pakistani who today also wants peace and harmony in respective countries.

Team India gifted an Indian cricket team T-shirt which was signed by all the Indian team members with a sweet message written on it for the Pakistan player- “always a pleasure playing against you.”

The special gift has a special message for the Pakistan’s former captain Shahid Afridi which is written in the handwriting of Indian captain Virat Kohli which reads, “To Shahid Bhai, best wishes, always a pleasure playing against you”.

The farewell T-shirt was uploaded by the Pakistan’s Journalist on the social media platform.

This was a real heart touching gesture attempted by the Team India, which is now winning the heart of the social media platform.

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