China: 21-year-old Chinese woman loses vision after gaming session

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A 21-year-old Chinese woman has lost his eye-sight, after playing the game all day long on her smartphone in Northwest China’s Saanxhi province.

The woman was identified as Wu Xiaojing, was allegedly playing the game Honour of Kings when suddenly she complained loss of vision of her right eye.

Following this, she was taken to the local hospital in China where she was diagnosed with Retinal Artery Occlusion (RAO).

While speaking to the media, the woman said, “On days when I have no work, I usually get up at 6 am, eat breakfast and play until 4 pm.“Then I’ll eat something, have a nap and play until 1 am”.

Reports says, this case is generally seen in the elderly people and rarely seen in young.

Talking to the media, Woman said she is so addicted to the game that she sometimes plays for seven to eight hours without taking a break.

Doctors said the eye strain was caused by looking at the screen for too long without a break.

Adding further to this, she said, “Sometimes I would be so absorbed in the game that I would forget to eat, and not listen to my parents when they told me it’s time for dinner”.

However, a team of doctors is trying to save the woman’s sight.

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