Lonely planet launches travel focused app as “Trip”

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Instagram Look –alike was been discovered and we are not keeping calm. The latest launched new app will focus on the travel junkies.

The travel media company Lonely Planet has launched its app called “Trips” for online travel photography.

Daniel Houghton, CEO of Lonely Planet said in a statement, “At Lonely Planet, we are proud of our long history of offering the world’s best travel content in a variety of ways”.

It was learnt that the app is currently available on iOs, but will be made available on Android later this year.

Adding further to this he said: “We understand what the modern traveler wants and have delivered an interactive digital platform that offers an effortless, mobile-first way to document, share and discover remarkable experiences. Trips are simply the next step in growing Lonely Planet as we continue to pioneer the future of travel”.

The users will be able to upload and publish their photos and video with their travel stories through trip app.

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