A Colombian couple living inside sewer from 22 years is setting a example of true love!!!

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In today’s phase, people are running after money to earn a luxurious life for their family and human beings can be the example to denote who have the never ending desires and wants on their bucket list.

But wait a minute, but a couple from Colombia are the perfect example to spread the message that money is not everything you need if you have a true love by your side.

Maria and Miguel, a couple from Colombia has a unique story and set an example for everyone and now the Colombian couple is setting the social media on fire.

Maria Garcia and her husband Miguel Restrepo are living inside a sewer for last 22 years.

couple in sewer

When Maria and Miguel met for the first time in Medellin, Colombia both were drug addicts. Friends and family because of their drug addiction left him and with no option left they have to make sewer their sweet little home with all the basic amenities with them.

To live with other they both decided to quit drug addiction and began living with peace and the love which they have for each other.

They have all basic needs from tv, little kitchen, lights, a pet called blackie and the most important the love and care for each other.

couple sewer

Like all of us, they also decorate their sweet little home on festivals. They are the perfect example to justify the money, luxurious life is just not the thing to desire for.


Sometimes we have to deal with our situation patiently and try to live happily what we have in our hand.

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