America’s Got Talent 2017 : Tom London performs unexplainable mathematical magic trick

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Tom London on AGT 2017

Twenty-five year-old magician Tom London performed a mind-boggling mathematical magic tricks during his audition on America’s Got Talent 2017.

Tom London announced during his audition that he would wows the judges with “something that has never been done before.” He began by requesting the audience members to hold up their phones, which all begun to ring and light up in various colors.

He then requested judge Simon Cowell pick three individuals whose phones had turned red to join him.

Once on stage, London had the volunteers give their best guesses to various questions he asked, including how many No. 1 : selling artists Cowell has had on his record name, how many millions of records judge Mel B. sold worldwide with the Spice Girls and what year judge Heidi Klum began modeling.

In the mean time, London asked host Tyra Banks multiply the three answers together using the calculator on her own phone. He then instructed Banks to close her eyes and add a random eight-digit number to the previous calculation. She uncovered that the grand total came out to 73,928,547.

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