An open letter to HDFC Bank’s CEO, Aditya Puri

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And with HDFC bank, comes great disappointment!!

Dear Aditya Puri,

Yes Sir, you heard it right. This is one such incident that has broken all my trust and loyalty with a private and one of the most prestigious bank and we call it as Housing Development Finance Corporation or HDFC bank.

Recently, Mr. Aditya Puri ranked Best CEO and HDFC Bank was ranked Best Company in Banks sector of Asia ex-Japan in one of the Institutional Investor All-Asia Executive Team ranking. But with such tragic incident that I witnessed, Mr. CEO should read this piece of information.

Bank’s tagline says, “We understand your World”, the employees were incapable of handling the situation, didn’t supported the customers the time they were in a dire need. I wonder how they will understand our world. It really makes a sense, if we read in between the lines.

One of the HDFC branch located in Sector 50, Noida has misbehaved and were very un-cooperative with its customers. We all know the fact that because of Demonetisation, there has been a major rush and all the private banks are equally supportive enough to sort the queries of the customer.

But, why the staffs of this particular bank were impatient and detrimental?

I would have stopped myself if it would have been just teenagers or the working professionals who are little nasty but the adrenal rush has increased when I saw the senior citizens had to stand in queues, employees were abusing to the oldies, were being threatened with Police Complaints and it was just not the right kind of behavior. It was really not expected from a bank like HDFC which believes in providing 100 percent customer satisfaction.

The situation was worse when illegal transaction of the money was taking place and it was given to the priority customers. And I wonder, I was the person with least priority and hence no money was given to me.

The Bank is doing its own business in an illegal way and not at all helping their customers. The customers have asked for Rs.6000 but the bank staffs had only given them Rs.2000 and refused to entertain them.

In spite of very clear instructions given by the government, rules and order has not been followed by this bank.

Being a citizen of India, I had expressed my views and I hope after this letter, there must be some sort of actions which will surely take place. This will eventually bring back my trust and satisfaction towards HDFC bank.


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