And That’s the reason Why Many People Thanking Team India For Loosing ICC Trophy

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From how long people are waiting for this day….The India v/s Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy…People was sitting in front of their TV Screens with increased BP on every ball and on every shot either by India or Pakistan…It was nothing less than a war between these two countries….

Though India has lost the ICC Champions trophy….and make their fans disappointed from their performance….People on Twitter were giving the reaction for the same…..


And suddenly a tide came….with a blasting tweet which makes everyone on a big shock and after that the people who were blaming India for losing the match they were now thanking Team India.



Know the reason why?

Yaa you are right..It’s none other than our Dhinchak Pooja who announced that she will release her new song if India won the match.People all over the India has already given their reaction to her previous song which Selfie many le li hai….and are no more in a condition to bear her another song…-

And this is how people thanked team India for losing the battle which was hilarious…


Thanks, Team India For Your Great Support Towards Your Fans!!

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