And what a waste of life, Preity Zinta’s cousin Nitin Chauhan commits suicide, Marital harassment could be the reason

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Preity Zinta’s cousin brother Nitin Chauhan committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol on Friday morning. The most shocking thing to note here is that nobody in the vicinity heard any gun firing sound until the very next morning.

 Nitin, who was 38 years old was reportedly was going through some marital trouble for quite some time. The police also found two suicide notes, one in Nitin’s car and the other at his residence.

Reports said, “The police found two suicide notes, one in Nitin’s car, where he shot himself, and the other at his residence. He had reportedly blamed his wife and in-laws for driving him to take this extreme step, ahead of the court hearing of their legal separation on the same day”.

Also, a quote from a police officer read, “In both suicide notes, of four pages each, Chauhan blamed his wife and in-laws of harassing him.” Nitin also accused his in-laws for filing false cases and not allowing him to meet his son.

As per HT’s report, Nitin Chauhan’s mother, in her statement to the police said that he was at home last night but when his mother went to his room around midnight, he wasn’t there. She thought he had gone for a drive. In the morning, they saw his vehicle parked at roadside and blood near the car.

A case has been registered against Nitin’s in-laws and wife and the weapon has been sent for forensic examination. Also, His wife and in-laws were arrested on Sunday for forcing him to take the extreme step.

May our condolences bring comfort to Preity and her family at this trying moment.


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