Boy finds Python inside the toilet

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In a bizarre act, a five-year-old boy in Southend was shocked after he discovered a python after he lifted the lid.

Laura Cowell, boy’s mother told the media, “He was frantic and shaking and I could tell something was wrong, but that was not what I expected”.

Adding further to this he said, “I had to use a broom handle to lift the lid, then out popped its head and its tongue came out as well”.

The mother made a call to the rescuers, following the incident.

Rob Yeldham who came to rescue the snake said in a statement, “I’ve done many snake rescues in my 10 years, but I’ve never had one in a toilet before. It’s definitely a first for us”.

After the snake was rescued the boy to the social networking platform Facebook and thanked the rescuers by quoting, “I’m just glad he ended up in safe hands, my full apologies to the family and their little boy who found him under such circumstances”.

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