Colo, World’s Oldest Gorilla Celebrates Her 60th Birthday

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Happy Birthday Colo

World’s oldest gorilla celebrated her 60th birthday on December 22, at her home in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio.”Colo” was the first gorilla born in the human care has turned 60 on December.

Colo whose name is a combination of “Columbus” and “Ohio” is a western lowland gorilla and is the oldest gorilla in the world, born in 1956.

Colo already broke her record already in 2012, when she turned 56 as the typical gorilla’s life expectancy is about 30-40 years.

In a statement Columbus Zoo Said that “Now entering her seventh decade, Colo’s birth and subsequent reproductive success represent years of progress in the care and breeding of captive gorillas.”

The Zoo celebrate Colo’s birthday on Thursday, around hundreds of people gathered in the zoo to see Colo singing “Happy Birthday”.

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