Comedy Nights with Rahul … Yet again Rahul Gandhi is back with his funny speeches !!!

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Rahul Gandhi Funny Speeches

In this era, one who is getting the most popular tag of the year will be none other than “The Papu of all time”. By that, we mean Congress Vice – President and mumma’s boy Rahul Gandhi.

Congress Vice -President Rahul Gandhi often gets trolled over the social networking sites by his nonsense comments and speeches and the way he delivers his word of mouth.

“Some calls him Papu, some calls him disaster…

Some calls him retard and some Buddhu..

But the fact which will not change is for now officially or un-officially he is the next standup comedian of politics”…

Don’t you wonder sometimes that Rahul Gandhi can give a solid stiff to the standup comedian Kapil Sharma? Keep a thought to it!!!

We know wherever Rahul Gandhi goes, jokes take after. He has been in general society eye for a ton of reasons and here comes one progressively that may remain here for long. After his stupid remarks and famous dialogues which he delivers will make everyone’s eyeballs go wide.

“Let us witness some of his funniest famous dialogues which will make your stomach go in pain with laughter.

  • the balloon will burst
  • Earthquake will come
  • Poverty is a state of mind
  • Politics is in your shirt and pant
  • India is a river and is energy
  • India is a beehive
  • The theory about escape velocity of Jupiter with a group of Dalits

Now have a thought, how will people with brains will react on these stupid dialogues of a person who belongs to a politician party which ruled for almost 60 years”.

Today everyone is ridiculing making fun of congress vice- president Rahul Gandhi. Not just as a result of his bouncer speeches but also the dialogues delivered by him is far from reality. Or Mr. Rahul Gandhi has made his permanent house in his dreams. Although he is the only one responsible for his demolished image in the public.

We wonder why always Rahul Gandhi is after destroying some or the other thing. We are not saying this was quoted in his speech.

We sometimes wonder from which part of the universe Mr. Gandhi brings his speech which is just out of the world. In his last speech, he said that “earthquake will come if we get chance to speak in parliament”.

Seriously in some point of time, we think we should suggest him a personal Doctor who can take care of his health which is getting worse and worse after the bomb of demonetisation came their way.

It’s high time to alter the April fool day name with Papu Divas!!! What’s your take??? Do let us know..

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