Country which celebrates Independence Day on 15th of August

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Every year on 15th of August Indian woke up to see the national flag waving in pride as it is annually observed the nation’s Independence Day.

On August 15, 1947, India got its freedom from Britishers and world’s largest democracy country was born on this date.

So here we present some of the countries who celebrate their Independence Day on 15th of August:


Today we are celebrating our 70th Independence Day, as we got our freedom United Kingdom in 1947.


Both North and South Korea celebrates its freedom on August 15 as the country got freed from Japanese colonization in the year 1945.


The Republic of Congo, which is a Central African country, got its independence from colonial rulers on August 15, 1960.


It is a Middle Eastern island country got the independence from British colonial rulers on 15 August 1971.


Liechtenstein is counted as one of the smallest countries in the world who gained its Independence from German rule on 15th August 1866.

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