Gujarat: Congress VP Rahul Gandhi mistakenly enters ladies toilet

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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi becomes the latest victim of getting trolled on social media platform after he mistakenly entered a ladies toilet in Chhota Udaipur district on Wednesday.

After raising voice against the rival party BJP and chanting Women empowerment in his Gujarat visit.  It seems like Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has taken the Women empowerment quite seriously.

In his recent visit to Chhota Udaipur district, Rahul Gandhi landed into yet another controversy by ladies toilet.

Once again Rahul Gandhi managed to make a joke of himself.

It was reported that there was no sign which differentiated the toilets for men and women, but a poster in Gujarati was there which reads it was a ladies toilet.

A poster in Gujarati reads, ‘Mahilao Mate Shauchalya’, which generally means ladies toilet.

Sources said that Rahul Gandhi was unable to read the poster in Gujarati language and mistakenly entered the wrong washroom.

Following this, later when the people who were present in the event came to know about the incident, they started laughing on the politician.

The SPG accompanied Rahul immediately asked media to disperse from the area, who allegedly started gathering outside the washroom after getting heard about the incident.

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