Holi Special: India is all set to celebrate its Most Happening Festival “Holi”

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India’s most awaited and most happening and colorful “Holi” festival has reached its destination. Everyone is all set to celebrate the special festival in their unique way.

Cities to towns, elders to children’s, all are ready to play with multiple colors. Apart, people had made the special dish “Gujiya” to serve in Holi.

Holi is celebrated across the country but there are many places in India, where Holi is played for many days and those places are famous for their unique style to celebrate the special festival of colors.

Vrindavan Holi

Vrindavan Holi celebrates in the Banke-Bihari temple at Vrindavan, Mathura. People especially visit Vrindavan to play Holi as Banke Bihari Ji dressed up in white clothes to play the colors with his devotees. In Vrindavan, Holi is played under a lot of music, colored water, flowers and gulal which is sprinkled by the priests of the temple through water guns and buckets.

Hampi Holi

If you are living in South India or stuck there at Holi time then, Hampi is the best place to visit and play Holi as Hampi Holi is very popular in South India due to the availability of western tourists in the majority as in South India you rarely find people playing Holi. But, in Hampi people really enjoy Holi and play it with huge fun by using loud music and liquid colors.

Jaipur Holi

Jaipur Holi is famous for its traditional songs performances, Rajasthani folk dance also, for a special event which Rajasthan tourism organizes for its tourists at Khasa Kothi hotel.

Basant Utsav at Shantiniketan

There is nothing wrong if we say Basant Utsav is a Holi festival as this festival is also celebrated with colors and inspired by holi. Vishwabharati in Shantiniketan is an old and famous university of West Bengal where Basant Utsav festival started first to celebrate with colors. The festival was introduced by the legend Rabindranath Tagore at West Bengal after inspiring from the color Holi festival. People of West Bengal celebrate Basant Utsav festival with lots of colors, happiness and joy.

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