Jammu and Kashmir: Policeman snatching money from beggar, caught on camera

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In a shocking incident, Jammu and Kashmir Police has arrested its fellow police man after he was reportedly caught on camera snatching money from a beggar in Ramban district, Jammu, and Kashmir on Thursday.

It was reported that after the video went viral Head Constable Munawar Hussain had suffered from the counterblast on the social networking platform.

Mohan Lal, Ramban Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) said in a statement, “Head constable Munawar Hussain has been suspended and arrested by the police after the incident”.

It was learnt that three more cases have been filed against the police officer.

Adding further to this he said, “He was kept in the police lines in Ramban after being transferred from Kishtwar due to his bad habit of chronic drinking.His ATM cards and others such items were given to his wife to operate in view of the his bad habits”.

Following the incident, Munawar Hussain was immediately arrested by the police deployed in the area.

His ATM cards and other such items were given to his wife to operate in view of his bad habits, Police official said.

However, an FIR has been registered against the policeman who was posted in Ramban police line and was reportedly transferred due to his bad habit of drinking.

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