Jungle Raaj in UP!!! Woman beaten up with stick after raising her voice against Eve Teasing

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A viral video which is hitting the platform of social networking sites from last one week is really a shameful event which took place in the Akhilesh Yadav’s Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh.

Why we Indians always gets excited to create a mocking video instead of helping the person who needs us at that present time.

Many  times it is witnessed that rather than helping the person in bad times we tend to open up our smartphone (from which we can’t live an hour away) and start making the video of the incident to spread that with our friends and family.

But instead of making the video does anyone from us has given a thought to the fact that where this cruel behavior of ours are leading us and making us inhuman.

Can we really call ourselves as humans? Is there any quality of a human left in us?

It is a matter of the fact that a much better unity and helping nature can be seen in animals instead.  If any mishap occurs among any group of animals be it a monkey or dog then you may observe dozens of same species come on the spot to help their beloved ones.

Are we so cruel than animals that we stand in a group of thousands to see the incident but no one can come to help the other one or to stop the assault or raise the voice? The same thing has been observed in this video which is taken in the camera in which the public was standing mum in the mob and enjoying the live movie of women molested and later beaten up on her head with the stick in the day time on the busy street of UP.

The incident took place when the couple was searching for an address. Meanwhile, a man standing on the shop started throwing lewd remarks on her when she was standing on the shop to acquire the address. Later on one of the men pulls her “dupatta” and when the woman raised voice against the man second accused started beating the woman with the stick. Now, this horrifying event is going viral on the social networking sites.

Is this the change which Akhilesh Yadav’s brought, the change which he is flaunting in huge posters and advertisements?

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