Lucknow: Teacher slapped class 3 Boy for 40 times

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In a horrific act, a class 3rd boy was repeatedly slapped mercilessly by a teacher in Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow’s private school, for not responding to attendance call.

In a video which has been surfaced the internet shows a teacher from the St. John Vianney School slapped a class 3rd student 40 times for not saying present on roll call.

The whole incident was caught on the classroom CCTV camera.

It was reported that the incident took place on Tuesday in the Lucknow’s St. John Vianny School, where a teacher named V. Ritika John lost her temper when the little boy didn’t respond to the attendance call and started slapping him for 40 times.

The boy was seen hand folded and pleading for forgiveness, but the teacher kept on slapping him.

A comment on the widely shared video which has leaked from the school and is now surfacing the internet reads, “She is not a teacher but a monster”.

The father of the student said in a statement,”School principal asked for the reason behind this inhumane behavior over which the teacher answered that she got angry”.

When the principal asked the teacher for the reason, the teacher replied she got angry.

However, the principal of the school has promised the father that the teacher will be suspended soon.

See the video here:

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