Meet the Indian WWE wrestler in Salwar-Kameez!!

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May be she was defeated in the match but what fans like the most in the entire event of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where Kavita Devi’s attire which got the center point of the event.

India has witnessed that one time it was the season of The Great Khali but after going on the retirement it was Jinder Mahal and now Kavita Devi who is taking the internet because of her ‘desi look’ in the ring.

While speaking to the media Kavita replied, “I have been a powerlifter so I’ve traveled to other countries for competitions. So I had already seen different cultures. What was difficult to adjust to was some of the dresses and costumes the girls wear in professional wrestling”.

Kavita Devi is a Haryana-based wrestler who got trained under The Great Khali in his wrestling institution in Punjab.

Adding further to this she said, “I was hesitant in wearing something like that. I still wanted to be connected to my culture and represent India, which is why I fought in the ring in a salwar-kurta instead of the usual costume. I wanted to take that first step and show the world that a costume cannot stop an Indian woman from performing on the world stage”.

Kavita Devi was fighting against New Zealand’s Dakota Kai at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

After gaining amid success in the field of wrestling many male and female wrestlers got motivated and follow the footsteps of The Great Khali and Kavita Devi was one of them who is now winning hearts through her ‘desi style’.

It was believed that Kavita Devi is the first Indian woman to fight in the WWE.

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