Odisha: People rolled down on the cactus to fulfill their wishes

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In an unusual incident, people rolled on the top of the cactus to complete a ritual to fulfill their wishes and to please gods and goddesses in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha.

The incident took place in a remote area near Bhanjakia of Raruan block of Mayurbhanj district.

It is reported as a peculiar ritual which is promoting superstition in the area in the name of God and goddesses.

Other than rolling down the cactus few other practices were also observed like walking on the burning coals.

One of the devote told the reporters, “People come here to perform this from another state like Bihar, Jharkhand etc. More than 1000 devotees, including male-female and children, involve themselves in this rituals”.

It is believed that people sacrifice something in order to fulfill their wishes from god.

A social worker said in a statement, “People keep believing and following certain traditions like rolling on the cactus or hitting themselves with a whip. These are followed as rituals as they believe that by torturing themselves god will be pleased by them and they can get their wishes fulfilled. They also believe that it brings rainfall. It is their sincere dedication to their rituals”.

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