OMG!!! How a sweeper teaches lesson to the car driver

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The habit of taking revenge is just not the inbuilt feature of Indians, but in a viral video the same habit is being noticed in the people of China as well.

A video which is going viral and making the viewers crazy and which teaches us how to deal with the irresponsible personalities who are present all around us.

An 11-second video from China, which shows how a sweeper devised a perfect idea to teach a lesson to the irresponsible car driver, in which it shows a man (sweeper) places at least 42 trash cans around the car of the careless car driver and dealing his own self-made version of “street justice”.

This funny video is making people giggle on social networking sites like Facebook. The video has received more than 6200 reactions and the views have crossed over 1.4 lakh on the social networking sites.

A description which is written on the video says, “Whether in hospitals, near schools and offices or outside popular restaurants and shopping malls – just about anywhere people congregate – parking has become a major aggravation of urban life in China. The country’s car ownership is expanding by about 10% a year in recent years, even as the economy slows”.

So after watching this sidesplitting video what’s your take on this do let us know.

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