Play safe this Holi for your Goofy-pooch!!!

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“A dog is the only on earth who loves you more than he loves himself”. So this festive season show some love and care towards your pets and stray dogs on the streets.

Holi has finally arrived, you must be getting ready with the colors, Gulaal, water-filled balloons to play this colorful festival with your loved ones. But have you a gave a thought to keep your fur-kid safe this festive of colors and protect them from the toxic colors.

The festive colors- Holi is a special time of the year and most enjoyable days of the year, but with the enthusiasm and excitement for this festival, we hardly give attention to the important member our family… our pets who showers their love and care in endless amount… so this time it’s your turn to return some love, care and safeguard them.

Be it be colors of light-Diwali or the festive of colors-Holi… the common festivals which are celebrated with full enthusiasm but these seasons aren’t enjoyable for the pets.  So show some care towards your furry friend.

Effects on your fur-kid
  • The chemical present in the ‘Gulaal’ can cause an immediate reaction to eyes, skin and gastrointestinal problems for your paws.
  • The Holi colors can result irritating to the ear canal of your pet.
  • Prevent your four- legged friend from the color water as it can be harmful for them.
  • Holi colors can lead to skin damage and allergies for your pets.
Pet care this Holi…

So today we will help you with the tips and tricks to play safe Holi and keep your pets safe and healthy this festive season. So here we go…

Avoid feeding sweets

Who doesn’t love those mouth- watering Holi sweets??? We all know the love that our pets have towards sweets. But you should avoid these sweets from your pets. The sugar, ghee or butter used in the sweets are harmful to your fur-kid.

Say no to fried food

Just like sweets, fried foods or the foods which contain a high amount of calories doesn’t go well with their digestive system. So be mindful while feeding your pets.

Keep your pet safe at home

While you enjoy the color of festive with your loved ones, but before that, you should make sure your pet is safe inside the home.

Spread awareness in your locality

Before going out of your home for enjoying this festive season complete your homework. You should spread the word among your neighbours and friends not to play Holi with the pets and the animals on the streets.

The team of The GenX Times  wishes you a very happy, safe and pet friendly Holi !!!

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