Rajasthan: Dalit bride enters riding a horse in her wedding

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A Dalit bride sets a benchmark, stands against all discrimination against the Dalits and rides a horse to reach the mandap in Rajasthan.

In a bizarre incident, a 23-year-old bride, Leela Meghwal break all social norms by riding a mare in her own wedding in Gudha Durjan village of Pali district, Rajasthan.

Leela Meghwal followed the wish of her family, where the 23-year-old bride has a wished that she would ride a mare in her wedding.

It was reported that some upper-caste people also threatened Leela Meghwal and her family for the same.

Following the upper-caste people, warning family asked for the police protection.

Rajuram Seervi, SHO Khinwara police station said in a statement, “The bride’s family members had lodged a complaint that some influential people of upper caste had warned them against carrying out the bride’s procession on a mare”.

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