Samosa filled with Kashmiri chilli chicken wins contest in South Africa

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The popular Indian snack samosa with its new version of Kashmiri chilli chicken fillings has reportedly beaten chocolate, cashew nuts and other entries in a contest in South Africa.

The food contest was organized largest national newspaper for the Indian community in South Africa.

Salma Agjee won the contest organized by the weekly Post.

While giving the statement, Salma Agjee said, “I love cooking and always believe in taking a recipe a step further by adding a twist to it”.

Adding further to this she said, “My filling was my own invention based on what I had initially made as a chicken sandwich for my children. The chicken was cooked with Kashmiri chilli powder, then I added two types of cheese, mozzarella and gouda, and mayonnaise”.

It was reported that there were two other sections of the competition which was held at a public fair in Durban.

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