See this puppy know the language of share and care!!

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“Those who teach the most about Humanity aren’t always humans”. This statement truly defines the generosity of the dog who serves their best without demanding anything in return.

Where the act of kindness is fading away from the society in today’s phase, there’s only creature (a four legged animal) left on this earth from whom we can learn generosity, kindness.

Following this, Suelen Schaumloeffel, who works as a journalist in Brazil has shared a heart-warming picture on the social media platform Facebook, which is now melting everyone’s, heart.

Lara, an eight-month-old puppy was rescued from the streets of Brazil by Suelen Shaumloeffel. Lara knows how tough situation the life shows in a chilling weather on the streets of Brazil.

Facing the same situation before getting rescued, Lara did something which is melting the hearts of every netizen.

Lara drags her blanket and shares it with the stray dog on a chilling morning in Brazil.

The picture posted by the owner is now getting  45,000 reactions and over 26,000 shares on the social media.


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