Study says, India tops the list of selfie death

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Whether it’s wedding, family get-together, birthday celebration or a casual hangout with friends, it would be incomplete without clicking selfie because we are getting addicted to it and this addiction is taking so many lives in the world.

Because we have crossed the entire limit to take a selfie and upload it on the social networking sites.

selfie death

It wouldn’t be surprising to know that India has topped the list of selfie death across the world.


Salma Prabhu, a clinical psychologist told the national daily, “The craze is indeed too much, not just for youngsters, but also adults. Capturing an element of thrill and posting immediately on Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat is the mantra. The number of views, likes, loves, wows, RTs, and followers are important. Comments fill up the vacuum of self-esteem. No one wants to be left out”.

It was revealed that India has witnessed more selfie related deaths when compared to any other country in the world in past two years.

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