Swachh Bharat: See this boy cleans Metro Floor With His Handkerchief!!

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In today’s era where no one pays attention to keep our surrounding clean, there comes an example where a boy from Pranjal Dubey has done something which is an eye opener for millions of people.

A schoolboy, Pranjal Dubey from Delhi who was traveling in the metro when he saw the floor dirty he wiped the floor with his Handkerchief.

Setting a good example for the citizens of the country and reminding the responsibility of being a citizen the schoolboy is now applauded on every social media platform. After all, it’s our priority to keep our country clean…

The boy who clicks the pictures of the schoolboy who made efforts to clean the metro compartment with his handkerchief moved to Facebook and published a post and reminds the people to keep the country and our surroundings clean under the scheme which was launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi- Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.


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