Swami Om Once Again Back With A Controversy-Beaten Up In An Event So Badly

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Well, Swami Om and controversies are the two sides of the same coin. With his so called thoughts and the statement which he has passed earlier for the women, he is once again on the top list of controversies.

In a recent buzz that is coming, the former Big Boss 10 Contestant Swami Om was called off as a chief guest at an event in Delhi ‘s Vikas Nagar on account of Nathu Ram Godse’s Birth, where a woman raised her voice against this man who has made the ridiculous comment on women earlier as well on many public platforms be it event, news channels, live shows and much more.The organizer tried to keep that lady silence but, the attempt doesn’t work.

And after hearing so much of humiliation from the public, Swami Om and his co-members stands and started walking off from the event where the organizers spring forward towards him and started beating him.

As per the sources, one of the event organizers has also said that the Swami Om was not invited by them and they have no idea who had called him on the event.



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