This Girl from Slum Cleared the UPSC Exams in One Go….And Her story will gives you a new strength

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“In Life, NOBODY and NOTHING will help you until you start helping YOURSELF”…..

Life is an another name of struggles where you get what you don’t expect and the things which you wants will go far away once you wish for it…..but if you have a courage and positivity towards your goal nobody can beat you or can stop you to achieve that…..

This girl sets an example for all those people who give up their goals after facing the life failures.

This 28-year-old girl named Ummul Kher cleared the UPSC exams in a just single attempt and got an All India Rank of 420.

She was disowned by her parents because she wants to study but her parent’s stopped her.They denied her when she wanted to study beyond 8th Standard. At the age of 14, she started earning. She started teaching students all day and night.The fund which she will get from the tuition she used that to support her own studies. She used to teach the slum students.The fee which she got from the students were Rs.50-100 from each.

She cleared her 12th with 92 percentile and get admission in JNU.She also suffers from a rare kind of bone disease and suffered from 16 fractures and 8 surgeries previously.She still did not blame her parents for not supporting her.

She tried for her dreams and finally she reached….Ummul once again proves that “Failure is always a key to success”. We should not stop by what others think of us or said to us if we have a dream we should chase it.

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