This man pays a heartwarming tribute to legendary singer Kishore Kumar!!

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While surfing the internet our eyes caught a heart touching video of Kishore Kumar fan, who was lost in the Kishore Kumar songs singing and entertaining his customers while selling tea at his small tea stall in Kolkata.

An Indian legendary playback singer who is considered as one of the most versatile singers in the entire music industry recently celebrated his 87th birth anniversary and here comes a tea seller from Kolkata who paid a touching tribute to Kishore da in his own style of selling tea.

A man who has proved his excellence in his creativity being an actor, lyricist, composer, producer, director, screenplay writer and scriptwriter and a playback singer was remembered by his fan from Kolkata on his 87th birth anniversary.

A tea seller from Kolkata celebrated his 87th Birthday by singing the melodious song of Kishore da while selling tea on his tea stall.

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