Top 20 funniest Speeches of Rahul Gandhi

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After coming up of demonetisation it seems like “Papu of politics” has got many opportunities to raise his voice to mark his attendance in the school of publicity.

Let us witness some of his famous dialogues from his speech which will make your stomach go in pain with laughter also, and which will prove that he seriously needs a strict consultation from a good psychiatrist.

  • Congress party wants to wipe off corruption from India
  • “Today the Modi govt is destroying the basic fabric of India
  • Modi is spreading hatred and demonetisation is an example of that.
  • “All cash is not black and all black money is not in cash”
  • “For the first time, India’s financial independence has been attacked
  • “gareebon se paisa kheecho, Ameeron ko seecho”
  • “Would like to ask Modi ji why he gave ‘thief’ Vijay Mallya a Rs 1200 crore ‘toffee”
  • 8 November ke baad Rs 1200 crore ki toffee Modi ji ne Mallya ko di
  • “Modi ji had made fun of the farmers at the Parliament by saying they dig pits”
  • “PM Modi tried to snatch farmers land, mocked MNREGA which is like the spine for the farmers”
  • Kuch log kehte hain idea accha tha aur planning kharab thi
  • Main kehta hoon planning sahi thi, agar aap unhe samjhein,ghareeb ka paisa phansane ka plan tha banks mein
  • Demonetisation is a move against the poor people of India
  • Modi ji Hindustan ke pradhanmantri hain, unke saath rajnetik ladai hai, lekin murdabad bolna Congres party ka kaam nahin hai
  • PM Modi is fooling the people of this country
  • Modi had done firebombing on poor people of the country with note ban
  • “Citizen of India told me that PM Narendra Modi is a liar and he lied that he’ll fight against black money and corruption”
  • “Like in english there is a say ‘man-made disaster’, demonetisation is a “Modi-made disaster”
  • “94 per cent black money is stashed away in foreign banks, real estate and investment in land deals and gold. But why is PM running after only the rest 6 per cent?”
  • First time in the history of the world one man has caused problems for 1.3 billion people
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