World’s Heaviest Women: Eman Ahmed will soon arrive in India for series of surgeries

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Eman Ahmed, the World’s Heaviest Women who weighs 500 kg is now ready to leave her bed after 25 years  and will soon be arriving in India for her series of surgeries in Mumbai at Saifee Hospital.

Eman, who is fighting with a deadly disease from the past two decades has now got a relief after an External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj step into the matter and grant a medical visa for the weight loss surgery which can save and change her life.

However, Eman Ahmed’s family could not afford the amount, though the hospital is generating the funds to airlift the patient from Egypt and gives her free surgery including her stay.

In a statement Dr. Lakdawala said who visited the girl at her home, “She is bedridden because of her weight and has a lot of ailments. You name it and she has it. She needs surgery urgently. It’s so painful to see what the family is going through because of her condition”.

Dr. Lakdawala told the media that she is suffering from a disease called lymphedema in which fluid keeps on circulating from arms and legs followed by other disease hypothyroidism, diabetes, lung disease and obesity. She has also undergone from a stroke in which her right leg and right arm were paralyzed.

Saifee hospital has started an official account on social networking site with the name of ‘SaveEmanCause’ which says, “I met Eman in Alexandria and assured her we are making every effort to get her back on her feet again”.

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