Afghan President offers peace talks with Taliban

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Afghanistan President

The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani has offered Tabilan rebels as a legal political group on Wednesday. It is a part of a political system that aims to end 16 years of war.

He made the offer at an international conference with the sub-theme ‘Peace Talk’. Clearly, the signal was backed by the west govt. to consider a dialogue with the Taliban.

The President proposed the negotiations with an offer to release of prisoners. He also said that he would be ready to accept a review of the constitution as part of a pact with the Taliban, who have so far refused to accept direct talks with the Kabul based government.

The leaders from Tabilan were not invited to the conference.

Taliban is an extremist group who want to restore Islamic rule after their 2001 ouster by U.S. led troops. They have offered to begin peace talks with the US but have so far refused talks with Kabul. For the cause, US increased its military assistance to Afghanistan.

But Taliban has continued to contest the country. They claimed responsibility for two major attacks last month that killed and injured hundreds of civilian.

There is a growing international pressure on Taliban.

Ghani recently helped the latest stage in a major regional gas pipeline from Turkmenistan.

He said the momentum for peace was building from neighbouring countries that increasingly saw the necessity of a stable Afghanistan. He also added,” The Taliban show awareness of these contextual shifts and seem to be engaged in a debate on the implications of acts of violence for their future.”

Tabilan officials have said that they have faced pressure from friendly countries after agreeing to talk with the US.

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