Afghanistan: 40 killed in kabul suicide attack

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As per the recent reports, at least 40 people were reportedly killed and 30 were severely injured in a suicide attack inside an Islamic religious school in western Kabul on Thursday.

It was reported that multiple blasts took place at a Shiite cultural centre in Kabul on Thursday.

The official said that the centre is near to the Afghan Voice Agency.

Nasrat Rahimi, Deputy interior ministry spokesman said in a statement, “The target of the attack was the Tabayan cultural centre. A ceremony was being held to mark the 38th anniversary of Soviet-invasion in Afghanistan when the explosion went off”.

It was learned that Taliban has issued a statement saying they were not involved.

Interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish said in a statement, “There were two explosions. We still do not know the target of the attack, but Afghan Voice Agency is in the area of the attack”.

Following the incident, Islamic State has claimed the responsibility for the attack.

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