Afghanistan: Explosion near US embassy

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As per the recent reports, an explosion hits the Afghanistan capital Kabul near US embassy compound on Tuesday morning.

The incident took place at around 10 am in the Afghanistan capital Kabul on Tuesday morning.

It was reported that an explosion hit the bank area near US embassy in the Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday.

Najib Danish, Interior Ministry spokesman said in a statement, “An explosion has happened near Massoud Square in Kabul. We have no more details yet”.

The ministry confirmed that one person has been killed and eight were wounded in the explosion.

Although, Taliban has later taken the responsibility of the blast on the social media.

The bank which is closed to the Massoud Circle has faced the massive explosion in the area.

It was discovered that the explosion hit the Afghan capital Kabul ahead of the Muslim Eid holiday when the banks are busy withdrawing the money to the citizens.

Following this, it was later discovered that the explosion which strikes the near the US embassy has reportedly killed 29 people and over 60 people were injured in the blast.

It was reported that nearby building in the area where the explosion took place sustained a substantial damage.

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